Radboud University Associate Professor Cornelia Welte awarded with NWO-VIDI Grant

Dr. Cornelia Welte, Radboud University, former SIAM researcher and now co-PI, has been recently awarded with NWO VIDI Grant of the value of 800.000 Euro on the topic of “Biogas to bioenergy: harnessing the power of microorganisms”.

As Prof. Welte explains, biogas contains methane which is an energy source but also a powerful greenhouse gas, contributing to climate change. In this project, microorganisms that eat methane and use this to produce electricity are going to be investigated. To achieve this, the researchers will grow these microbes in the laboratory and will shed light on their mechanisms of how they make electricity. This will contribute to possibly improve their electricity generating capabilities.

We congratulate with Dr. Welte for this fantastic achievement and wish her the best with this new exciting research adventure!

Source: Vidi grants for research on cells, magnetism, biogas and more | Radboud University (ru.nl)