SIAM PI Mark van Loosdrecht (TU Delft) wins the Novozymes Prize

The Prize awards his 25 years of revolutionary wastewater treatment.

News 25 April 2022: the development of new technologies for biological wastewater treatment is turning our view of sludge upside down. Microbiologist Mark van Loosdrecht receives the 2022 Novozymes Prize for his pioneering work in copying and reusing nature’s mechanisms in wastewater treatment and resource recovery. Van Loosdrecht: “Treating wastewater will become good business in the future.”

The Novozymes Prize, awarded by the Novo Nordisk Foundation, recognises outstanding research or technology contributions that benefit the development of biotechnological science for innovative solutions. The Novo Nordisk Foundation is an interdisciplinary research centre that develops new knowledge and technology for the production of sustainable bio-chemicals. Van Loosdrecht received the Novozymes Prize, which is accompanied by DKK 5 million (ca 672.000 euro), in a ceremony in Bagsværd, Denmark, on 1st of April.

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Mark van Loosdrecht, credit: TU Delft website