Microbe Movies

Clara Belzer (WUR) developed a MOOC (online course) about ‘Nutrition and Health: Human Microbiome’. Learn how you can impact your health by balancing your gut health; how your microbiome together with your diet can improve normal gut function. A balanced microbiome and nutritional intake can avoid disorders like IBS, obesity and diabetes. Registration for this course is free of charge. Clara also participated in a discussion (in Dutch) about poo and our gut at the Utrecht science cafe (2018).

Nutrition and Health: Human Microbiome (MOOC)

Alles over poep en onze darmen (Science café Utrecht)


Microorganisms can help us to remove waste. Some of the microorganisms convert waste into useful products. Together with writer Maurits van Huijstee we have made a movie for kids and developed educational materials. The teaser and educational movie are available online:

BUB – teaser (Mike Jetten & Maurits van Huijstee)

BUB #1 – M. oxyfera (Mike Jetten & Maurits van Huijstee)


SIAM scientists Irene Sanchez (Wageningen University), Mark van Loosdrecht (TU Delft) and Mike Jetten (Radboud University) will explain you how microorganisms convert our waste:

Bacterien – een toekomst zonder afval? (Irene Sanchez & Mark van Loosdrecht)

Piepkleine beestjes die miljoenen opleveren (Mike Jetten)

Klein beestje, grote daden (Mike Jetten & Maartje van Kessel)


In addition, SIAM scientists were participating in the InScience festival in Nijmegen. During this festival science is communicated to a broad audience via movies, workshops, a kids program and a pop-up museum. We promoted microbiology and the importance of microbes for the development of applications; yeast to bake bread or brew beer, anammox-bacteria for wastewater treatment and Bifidobacteria to make yogurt. A short movie was made about this festival:

Inscience – Aftermovie (SIAM scientists, Nijmegen)