Peer Timmers

Interview to Peer Timmers – once involved in SIAM on Fons Stam’s grant, currently a researcher at KWR water research.

News June 29 2022: Our third interview is dedicated to Peer Timmers. He shared with us her past and present work challenges and reflections.

1) During which years did you work for SIAM and why did you originally applied?
I don’t remember. I did not apply, I worked on the grant of Fons Stams (WUR)

2) How would you describe your time at SIAM, both professionally and personally?
Great! Great opportunities to grow (courses) and scientifically and socially interact with other researchers. I was however disappointed that SIAM was mostly focused on growth for staff members and PhD students, but not for postdocs.

3) When was the time at SIAM you said “This finding may be important!”/ How SIAM paved the way to your current job?
I don’t understand the first question, but to answer the second one: SIAM helped me understand my interests because of the courses that it provides and because of the wide variety of scientific projects that you can interact about.

4) Which is your current position and why did you choose it?
I work as a researcher at KWR water research. I chose it because I wanted to do research that leads to (technological) solutions to our water problems.

5) Which advise would you give to current SIAM researchers in order to build a successful career?
Follow courses, think outside of the box of academia. Expand the horizon to companies and research institutes by inviting people to tell their story. The world is not black and white: university and industry. There is a lot in between. Do not just focus on grants for staff members and PhD students, but postdocs are also still trying to find their way into this world and are sometimes more lost than PhD students. SIAM should also help them.

6) One anecdote/funny story happened during SIAM that still makes you smile
Don’t have any now, sorry !

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